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Do you have gluten free items?

Not sure, I would call and ask first before hand.

Do you still stock ham and cheese croissants in the morning? When I worked locally, I would stop on my way to work. Later, when I commuted 100 miles each day, I had to be on the road well before you opened. I'm retired now and am curious.

Hi Bill, Yes, we make them each day. If there is a day that you want to be sure to get them, you can always call a day or two ahead and order. If it is just one or two you would like you can call as early as 5:45 the same morning and we will put them back for you :)

Wondering if you could ship an order to Washington State? Would love to try some of your bakery items. Also wondering if you make the frosted sugar cookies? Thank you Linda Misita

Hi Linda, We do ship our pastries and such. We have done frosted shortbread cookies but it is not one of our specialties. When we do decorated shortbread cookies we usually use white chocolate. Either of those options I do not feel would ship that well though unfortunately. Thank you so much for inquiring with us. Hope if you ever find yourself in California that you will be able to visit us : ) - Mike and Terri

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